|Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Ibiza’s “new image” dented by summer drug figures 

Brits are ruining Ibiza’s quest to “clean up its image” after revelations that the local hospital is dealing with up to six drug-related admissions each day and many are from the UK!

Experts at the Can Misses hospital insist drug-taking on the island during the summer season is on a par with Mallorca, Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid.

But where Ibiza differs is the number of tourists who take more than one substance, as well as the consumption of ketamine, known in the clubs as “Special K”, “Cat Valium” or simply “K”.

The drug, which distorts perception of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment, has been linked to “date rape” cases and medics on the island admit some patients claim to have been drugged before being robbed or sexually attacked.

Doctors presenting a report on drug-taking in Ibiza this summer refused to say how many cases had been reported to the police but confirmed the allegations of “chemical sub-mission” had been taken seriously .

The profile of holiday-makers treated for drug poisoning at the hospital puts them at between 20 and 40 years of age and an equal split betwee men and women.

On the final weekend of the Ibiza party season, six people were treated in hospital, three of whom were Brits.

Experts Jordi Puiguriguer and Ángeles Leciñena confirmed an average of six cases a day were dealt with at the emergency department this summer and 60 per cent involved more than two narcotic substances.

Ecstasy was found in 91 per cent of cases while a mix of amphetamines, cannabis and cocaine was found in one out of three.

In a sample of patients in Ibiza, 20 per cent tested positive for ketamine, compared with just one per cent in Mallorca.

Ángeles Leciñena, head of urgency at Can Misses, said Ibiza had to get away from its booze and drugs image which the island’s government is trying to do.

However, another recent setback is the discovery of the deadly designer drug Flakka which arrived on Ibiza for the first time this summer.