|Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Four arrested for DAESH links as police remind public of help sites 

Four members of two Jihadi cells linked to DAESH have been arrested in Spain and Morocco.

Co-ordinated raids were carried out in Ceuta and Altea (Alicante) and two in Morocco, one in Tétouan and one in Castillejos.

The arrested individuals formed part of two cells based in the two countries that acted in a coordinated fashion and in direct collaboration with DAESH.

A spokesman for the Spanish Government said: “The four men arrested showed high levels of radicalisation and commitment to the DAESH ideology, operated via a strong system of in-doctrination, radicalisation and dispatch of new Jihadi fighters to the ranks of the terrorist organisation, and received direct instructions, logistical support and propaganda material from a katiba that was fully integrated into DAESH and based in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone.”

“The operation led to the neutralisation of a potential threat to national security both in Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco, and is a clear example of the excellent cooperation between the Spanish and Moroccan intelligence services against the global threat of Jihadi terrorism.”

The operation, which remains ongoing, was supervised by Central Criminal Investigation Court Number 6 and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Spanish National High Court.

The Ministry for Home Affairs reminds the public that the ‘Stop Radicalism’ initiative provides people with a series of channels through which they can safely and confidentially inform the Centre for Intelligence against Terrorism and Organised Crime [Spanish acronym: CITCO] of any possible cases of radicalisation in their community: the website www.stop-radicalismos.es, the public safety alert mobile app Alertcops and the freephone number 900 822 066.