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Master of Tibetan medicine to take consultations in Puerto de la Cruz (Dr. Ngawang Thinley) 


A grand master of Tibetan medicine is paying a special visit to Puerto de la Cruz.

The Kary Blasco beauty and health clinic is delighted to be welcoming Dr. Ngawang Thinley. He will be taking consultations in the centre at at Calle Hibisco n4 from November 1st to 7th (please ring to reserve consultation on 619 018 091).

Traditional Tibetan medicine is a centuries-old traditional system based on holistics which looks at all elements of a patient’s well-being, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Dr. Thinley is a highly trained practitioner who has dedicated his life to his patients from all walks of life who need help with ailments as diverse as the common cold to cancer.

He says it was his mother and his Buddhist faith which inspired him along this path.

Dr. Thinley has directed the Tibetan Medicine Department at Shechen Clinic and Hospice in Boudhanath, Nepal since 2000.

Born in Thimphu, Bhutan in 1975, he attended the Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute in Darjeeling, India.

Following his studies, he helped set up a Tibetan medicine clinic at his alma mater. In 1998 he helped to create Shechen Rabjam Public Trust Project, a mobile clinic providing free health services to 46 destitute villages in Bihar, one of the poorest states in India.

His invaluable help and advice is sought by patients from all walks of life and he has helped to perform some amazing recoveries and transformations, as well as easing people’s suffering.

He has great compassion and travels extensively each year, especially to Europe and the United States.

“For me, compassion is like a medicine and suffering is like a disease,” he says. “Compassion is a tool to help others fulfill their wish to be happy.”

His visit to Puerto de la Cruz and the Kary Blasco clinic is real coup and the opportunity should not be missed.

Kary Blasco

Calle Hibisco 4 – Puerto de la Cruz

Tel.: 619 018 091