|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Cat struck by crossbow arrow escapes death by centimetres 

Police are seeking the callous animal abuser who shot a defenceless cat through the head with a crossbow and is believed to have struck at least once before.

Anti-cruelty campaigners say they are sickened by the horrific attack which missed the pet’s brain by centimetres.

They have described the culprit as “a murderer on the loose” and say they will not rest until he or she is found and prosecuted.

The sickening incident happened in the Spanish town of Toledo where two months ago, another cat was targeted in the same way.

On this occasion, the person responsible removed the crossbow arrow, believing the animal was dead and hid its body between two bricks. However, the cat was found in the nick of time and recovered after emergency surgery.

The cat shot in the second attack is call Dante and was spotted by residents running around with the arrow embedded in its head.

It took rescuers four hours to capture the frightened animal which was treated by a vet. It had to have an urgent operation when to remove the arrow which had pene-trated its nostrils and shat-tered its nose.

Luckily, its nervous system was not damaged and the cat is likely to live, being described by the animal charity “Su Voz” as “a real fighter”.

The organisation has condemned the attacks on its social network sites.

“The case is in the hands of the police but we want to thank everyone who helped to save Dante,” said a spokesman.