|Saturday, February 16, 2019
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“Breaking Palma” police operation uncovers biggest-ever drugs lab in Baleares 


A Breaking Bad police operation on Mallorca has discovered the biggest-ever clandestine lab in the Balearic Islands for the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

The ringleader, a 29-year-old Bulgarian, was able to cover up his activity by claiming he was a university professor involved in medical research to find a cure for cancer.

Instead, he was churning out a massive amount of designer drugs to feed pubs and clubs on the holiday island.

Police say he is considered the largest supplier of speed to multiple dealers and distributors on Mallorca.

Most of their customers ran leisure premises lining the leisure seaside strip of Palma.

The police operation had so many parallels to the Breaking Bad TV series that it was even codenamed Breaking Palma.

“To acquire the chemicals, the suspect used a false identity and claimed he was a research professor in the university’s cell biology department,” said a spokesman. “He said he was carry-ing out tests for the fight against cancer in order not to arouse suspicion.”

The lab was discovered in a house in Palma where extensive equipment for the processing and manufacture of amphetamine derivatives was hidden.

“We found various amounts of amphetamine sulphate known as “speed”, plus laboratory instruments such as test tubes, pipes, safety masks, filters, gloves, test tubes, vessels, and 60 cans and bottles containing highly toxic and dangerous chemicals,” said the police.

Officers also found a number of notebooks containing scrawled chemical formulae and notes.