|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Moroccan arrested for spreading Jihadi propaganda 


National Police have arrested a Moroccan citizen in Manresa (Barcelona) for spreading Jihadi ideology through various virtual platforms.

“This operation has meant the deactivation of a clear threat to national security, since the detainee used various virtual platforms to develop ongoing and increasing activities to spread a doctrinal message and the strategy of radicalisation that is habitual in Jihadi terrorist groups, specifically that of DAESH,” said a spokesman.

“The investigation has led to other aspects coming to light that showed the danger of the detainee, specifically his unstable and violent nature which, in recent months, led to an increase in his Jihadi commitment, as well as the contacts that he maintained with an individual who had returned from the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone with whom, through social networks, he habitually requested advice and conformity with his activities.”

This operation, which remains ongoing, has led to the dismantling of a virtual platform that was very active in propagating the Jihadi message.