|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Hapless carjacker locked in Audi for four hours 

A hapless thief was left with a very red face for more reasons than one after his attempt to steal a car went dangerously wrong on one of the hottest days of the year!

Police had to release the man who had to endure four hours in an Audi A3 he wanted to steal but got locked inside instead.

The would-be carjacker spotted the owner of the vehicle paying into a parking meter in the centre of busy Barcelona. He left the doors open so he took the opportunity to jump in the back, not realising that when the driver returned to lock up, the security system would prevent him from getting back out!

The owner only realised what had happened when he got a phone call from the police, asking him to return to the Audi “to let his friend out” who was at the point of suffocating.

“They called my mobile and asked “Have you left a person locked in your car?” as they are choking and if you don’t come back soon, we will have to break a window,” said a bemused Joan Carles Valero who wrote to Spanish newspaper Abc.es to relate the expe-rience.

By this time, the windows of the car were completely fogged up and the would-be thief was dripping in sweat and dazed.

Although it was a very hot day, it was overcast. Police say had it been sunny as well, the man would almost certainly have died.

“Truth is certainly stranger than fiction!” said the car owner.