|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Funeral parlour sacks “driver” after hearse clocked speeding on motorway 

Dignity went out of the window when police in Spain clocked a car speeding at 130 kilometres an hour on the motorway. It was a hearse!

The funeral car was caught on camera in Tarragona in the Catalonia region and was carrying a coffin complete with corpse inside.

The man behind the wheel turned out to be a labourer for the undertakers but was driving for them because of an infux of work. Unknown to them, however, he had already lost his licence under the totting up of points system.

Catalan police were carrying out speed checks on the busy A7 motorway when the hearse whizzed by at 130 kilometres an hour, which is just over 80 miles an hour. The limit on this particular stretch is 100km.

“The coffin inside contained the dead body of a recently deceased resident of nearby Torredembarra,” a spokesman for Los Mossos confirmed.

When stopped, the driver said he had left all his documents at home and was told to continue, at a more sedate speed, provided he reported to a local police station the next day.

However, it was then discovered that he had been banned so he was arrested, although he was allowed to return the corpse to his home.

The 30-year-old driver has since appeared before a court and given 32 days of community service for an offence against traffic safety.

He was also sacked by the funeral parlour!