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Chasing butterflies at Teno Rural Park near Erjos 

The Teno area in the North West of Tenerife is an island within an island having been formed from violent volcanic lava eruptions around 18 million years ago.

Teno is a region of steep gorges, ridges and high plateaus which have been carved out of ancient volcanic rock. Much of the northern slopes are covered with Laurel forest, a sub-tropical forest where a high humidity exists. There are some 20 different species of trees in this area with a thick undergrowth of shrubs, mosses, and other typical plants of dark and shady habitats.

A variety of walks exist through a landscape consisting of many diverse ecosystems such as Laurel and Pine forests, deep ravines, high cliff faces, and many small ponds; our very own “Lake District”.

Walks here can vary from short easy lazy country strolls to challenging long distance mountain treks so there is something for everyone irrelevant of fitness levels. Bespoke walks are a speciality in this area.

There are over 700 species of moths and butterflies in the Canary Islands. Finding them in Tenerife is quite easy, however, trying to photograph them is another matter entirely, as it is difficult to get close enough to them as by their very nature, they flutter away.

One of the most commonly seen butterflies in Tenerife is the Canary Blue which is a member of the Lycaenidae family.

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Another is the Clouded Yellow butterfly colias crocea mainly from Asia but is a strong migrant reaching into Northern Europe in favourable years. The female is paler in colour than the male.

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Probably the most famous is the Canary Red Admiral vanessa vulcania and belongs to the Numphalidae family. This butterfly is endemic to the Canary Islands except for Lanzarote.

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There are many walks on this island that are ideal at certain times of year for chasing butterflies and no one knows these trails and tracks better than Andy Tenerife Walker.

For more information please see: www.tenerife-guided-walks.com