|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Santa Cruz reveals 30m euro blueprint for new-look Las Teresitas beach front 


Santa Cruz city council has revealed details of its 30 million euro plus special plan for the front of Las Teresitas beach.

It will include an urban park, new parking spaces and a fully updated road network, as well as the previously announced hotel.

The authority estimatesthat the document could be approved later this year and that the investment necessary for its implementation would exceed 30 million.

The blueprint was outlined by the Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez who was joined by the deputy Mayor, Zaida González and councillors for territorial planning and infrastructure and the district of Anaga, Carlos Garcinuño and José Alberto Díaz Esté-banez, respectively.

Sr. Bermudez said the project has taken into account the public participation process “La Playa que Queremos” (“The beach we want”) and incorporated elements essen-tial for the future of Las Teresitas, such as a bus and tram nterchange and improved access and parking.

“The village of San Andres will gain new public spaces with a large urban park, a pedestrian walkway and spaces for leisure and water sports, and a bike path,” he said.

The proposed arrangement is completed with a plot for hotel use but compatible with environmental protection.

Sr. Garcinuño said they were very satisfied that they were meeting the objectives they had set themselves and Sr. Estebanez said it would achieve “the beach we de-serve.”

The beach front will have a network of facilities including the urban park and sports provision linked to the beach.

The future “Parque de Las Teresitas” will occupy approximately 37,000 square me-tres and will be landscaped to a very high quality. The main criterion has been to link as much as possible this free space with the beach, so that they can form a single common space.

There will be a shoreline promenade and park which connect with continuity and flows with the beach.

To this end it was decided to reconfigure the current path to Las Teresitas, withdrawing to the north, as close as possible to the side, but without affecting it. Extra sand will be put down to ensure the continuity.

The park will house specific milestones or activities throughout its length to make it even more attractive and encourage people to stay.

At the beach head, there will be pedestrian access to the beach from San Andres, linked to public transport.

Underneath, there will be parking and a commercial area, with direct access from the seafront promenade.

The end of the beach will have an area for outdoor sports activities and include a skate park, climbing wall and garden area. Water sports will be linked to the beach, plus a recreational space for chil-dren.

The urban park will also have a bike path, a pedestrian promenade with trees and plants, a leisure area with kiosk shops, terraces and small establishments. There will be a walkway underneath direct to the beach and facilities such as changing rooms, bathrooms, rooms for community services (Red Cross, police, etc.) and maintenance.

The hotel will be 40,000 square metres and it is expected to generate between 160 and 200 jobs. This is in addition to the impact it will have on its immediate environment and San Andres.

Because of its prime location, there will be very strict environmental controls.

The area designated for road infrastructure is approximately 19,800 square me-tres.

Currently the Playa de Las Teresitas has 1,200 surface parking spaces, linked to the existing road.

There will new underground parking for 400 cars, linked to the beach and the promenade.

In addition, there will be a surface car park with space for a minimum of 530 cars, 40 for motorcycles and eight caravans.

A further restricted parking area will provide 175 spaces to support public transport, transport of persons with reduced mobility, loading and unloading, and the services of the beach.

There will be extra parking under the hotel, primarily aimed at guests, giving a further 175 spaces.

The protected slopes of Las Teresitas will be safeguarded and kept in their natural state, for their environmental value.