|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Puerto welcomes boost in communication with 4G coverage 

Puerto de la Cruz has pledged to continue its ongoing campaign to improve the communications network in the municipality.

The local council has announced that the mobile operators Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange are offering with effect from May 20th a 4G service on the 800MHz band.

To ensure compatibility of the new technology with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), the operators have also launched Llega800, the entity responsible for resolving any interference in the reception of the television signal and endorsed by the Ministry of Industry and FEMP.

The arrival of 4G continues the implementation of the campaign carried out generally in the national territory since last July and due to culminate in March 2018. To check the locations where these services are already active , consult the following link: https://www.llega800.es/listado-de-municipios-activos/

Councillor for new technology, Sandra Rodríguez said the improvement in the services would allow people in Puerto to enjoy mobile high-speed connections with LTE (4G) technology with better coverage inside buildings and in a wider area. It placed Puerto at the front of 4G telephony.

“4G deployment is part of the Royal Decree 805/2014, of September 19, dated April 1, 2015, governing the release of the frequencies between 790 and 862 MHz (channels 61 to 69 UHF) which until then were used for the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television, a process also known as Digital Dividend. Thereafter, these frequencies were assigned to the mobile operators to deliver its mobile services 4G,” a spokesman explained.

Daniel Espín, spokesman for Llega800, said the advanced mobile network would introduce two fun-damental improvements. One would be to solve reception problems in areas where coverage previously failed and the other, inside buildings.

“The new generation of 4G technology also facilitates the introduction of new services in the business area and government, and business mobility applications with high multimedia content or use of the video call, among others,” he said.

There is a free service number available to people on 900 833 999 and see also www.llega800.es