|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Liberty Brokers…stars of the show! 


The new Liberty Seguros press advertising campaign for 2016 has been launched and this year, the ‘stars’ of the campaign are the actual brokers and agents themselves!

It’s a nice ‘twist’ from Liberty who believes that their intermediaries (another name for agents and brokers) should be strongly featured in their marketing campaigns because they are at the core of the Liberty Seguros insurance business.

A specially created microsite was designed for the intermediaries to access, where they were able to vote for the ‘real look and feel’ of a true insurance intermediary. In this microsite, they voted for the person that they thought could represent the look of a real intermediary from a selection of photographic models. Two men and two women were chosen. They also selected the look and style for the models. The results were very conclusive, with the winning choice being a smart but casual look.

Following the online voting, the chosen models, two women and two men, were invited to a photo shoot and were dressed to fit the chosen smart but casual look and the shoot began!

The resultant images are now being used in the press campaign which will run, in different formats, throughout this year, including the current promo ads, where as much as 50 euros can be saved on car, home and life insurance.

As Iván Ortego, Intermediaries Experience Director, pointed out, “We value the amazing support that all our agents and brokers give to Liberty Seguros and, of course, to all our valued customers, who are insured by Liberty Seguros. What a better way to get them involved in our business strategy for 2016? We would like to thank them for their involvement in this project”

Liberty Seguros currently has over 300 expat intermediaries in Spain, providing professional customers’ advice on any insurance matter, including car, home, life, marine, leisure, pet, as well as business and commercial covers.

Go to www.libertyexpatriates.es or call 902 255 258 for the name of your nearest LIBERTY SEGUROS broker.