|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Kind-hearted Los Gigantes rallies round to help loveable Frosty 


Kind-hearted locals at the oldest bar in Los Gigantes are busy raising funds to help pay-vets’ bills for a pensioner’s pet kitten brutally injured in a mystery attack.

Loveable Frosty is a cuddly replacement for Lucy, the village’s most endearingly favourite feline pet who died a year ago.

Originally a street cat, Lucy turned heads and hearts and ‘adopted’ The Bamboo as her home.

In turn, she became 77-year-old Daisy Britton’s constant companion and followed her everywhere on her daily walks around the pretty village.

But Daisy, who lives in an apartment opposite The Bamboo, was devastated when her faithful pet vanished.

The widow from Fort William explained:”She was taken Ill and and the vet put her on antibiotics.

“When she disappeared I thought she had gone away to die. In fact, I reckon she’d gone to visit her old haunts.

“Everyone in the village helped look for her but she didn’t appear until a week later.

“But I could see she was fading before my eyes… And the vet told me it would have taken her a huge effort to get back home.”

Tragically, Lucy died from leukaemia and villagers, tourists who had seen the cat over years, and Daisy’s friends chipped in to pay the vets’ fees.

But after her death, locals were delighted when Daisy found a new companion – Frosty named because of his likeness to the famous tiger on the Frosted Cornflakes packet.

But tragedy stuck when shocked Jo Cypler, one of The Bamboo’s team, found the luckless kitten with severe injuries in the roadway near Daisy’s home.

Said Jo:” I was terribly upset. I’m an animal lover and I couldn’t believe some callous, uncaring person would inflect such gruesome injuries to such a defenceless little animal.

“Frosty had a terrible wound to his bladder and severe damage to his innards and ribs. He was a pathetic mess.”

But with a hefty 400 euro bill to cover vets’ treatment costs, locals have been quietly chipping in to foot the bill.

Daisy who has five children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren moved to Los Gigantes in 2006.

She said:”I can’t thank people enough, everyone has been very generous in helping with the vets bill. We’ve go some lovely people here.”

Now Frosty is onthe road to recovery and sharing a hand painted cushion displaying Lucy’s picture which was gifted to Daisy by a warm-hearted friend, Anna Wright.