|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Wingate welcomes Danish students 

Wingate School was delighted to welcome students from Rosborg Gymnasium & HF in Denmark. The students were accompanied by two of their teachers and all of them joined Wingate Sixth Form classes in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English.

The year 11 GCSE class were lucky enough to have a presentation from the students about tourism in Denmark as this fitted in well with the topic that they are about to study on the subject of National Tourist Organisations.

The Rosborg Sixth Form students spent the morning taking part in Physics and Chemistry experiments with their Wingate counterparts and even admitted that they had learned something while in the Maths class, they were reminded of the joys of Trigonometry! All the students had a chace to meet and mingle during an informal break time session and discuss the differences between a Sixth Form College like Rosborg and Wingate Sixth. Some of our students even asked if we could organise an exchange visit next week! All-in-all a successful and worthwhile morning with a group of young people who were a credit to their school. Wingate Sixth proved to be very welcoming hosts who were eager to find out about life in northern Europeand be thankful that they could bask in 23 degrees whilst in Roborg it is minus 1! Thank you Rosborg for sharing your experiences with us.