|Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Cats’ Welfare League Tenerife 


It’s only through donations and what can be raised from our charity shop that allow us to say YES to the numerous requests for help that we receive daily.

We are therefore so thrilled to have recently received a very generous donation of 408 euros to help with our work. Nick Krotke, the new auctioneer at Los Abrigos auction rooms, and Peter Martinelli MBE presented the cheque to Sharon Leighton, the owner of Cats Welfare and some of her team.

The money was raised at Peter’s 85th birthday party at Seven Islands Bar in San Blas. THANK YOU so much, every cent will help the cats and kittens here in Tenerife.


It is very upsetting to us that someone stole a large box of golf balls for sale from outside the Cats’ Welfare shop in San Blas, Golf del Sur. There were at least 30 bags of six balls in the box and as we sell them six for 3 euros, 90 euros has been stolen from us which is very upsetting.

It might not sound much money to some people but we receive no Government funding and every cent we raise has to come from our shop and any donations we receive. We are disgusted that someone can steal from a charity but are heartened by the outrage it has raised throughout the community and the kind words of support we have received.


We come across many ugly situations in the course of our work and we are so grateful to all Cats‘ Welfare volunteers, without which, Cats’ Welfare would not be able to help many hundreds of cats and kittens each year.

Special mention though needs to go to Sharon Leighton, the owner of Cats Welfare who recently had an email from a holidaymaker saying that there was a cat at their hotel with only half a tail and that it was a fresh wound.

Luckily Sharon was in the area and was able to go there immediately. The cat was wild and needed ideally to be trapped but not having a trap available she started to entice it with food. Now what do most people have in their handbags? Lipstick? Perfume? Maybe a purse? No, Sharon has welding gloves to catch wild cats and was able to grab it and bundle it into a cat box!

Sadly not only did he have a terrible injury to his tail he was also positive for leukaemia and feline aids so regretfully he was put to sleep but is not now in pain. Emergency calls for us to help cats is common place and we respond to as many as we can.


If you are looking to adopt a furry companion look no further than than our website which has all the cats and kittens currently waiting for homes www.cats-welfare-tenerife/pets. It’s updated daily so always has the latest availability and all cats go on a week‘’s trial to make sure that they are your “Purfect” companion before you commit. If you would like to know more ring or Whatsapp Theresa on 680475500 (9.00 – 18.00 7 days a week).


Can you spare 1euro a month?

For just 1euros a month you can join our group of “Teamers”. Sign up to this group and just 1euro a month will be donated from your designated account at the beginning of each month. We are hoping that this small amount will attract more people who may not be in a position to donate more but still want to help our cause. It is simple to do, secure and only takes a couple of minutes. Please join, it will give us a regular income and mean that we can plan more effectively the work we can commit to each month. http://teaming.net/catswelfaretenerife

We always require old towels and blankets as bedding for the cats and kittens along with donations of cat food and biscuits, pet carriers, scratch posts etc (all in good condition please). Donations of good condition/quality clothes for our charity shop are always required. If you have anything for donation including as new furniture and household effects ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection from you.

Our shop is on San Blas in Golf del Sur (Behind Hiperdino). It is open 7 days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but Saturdays is 11.00 until 16.00, pop in for a browse and help us raise much needed funds to continue our work.