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Artedental and Input 360 Dental Marketing play key role in Madrid congress 


Europe’s most important trade fair for the dental sector, Expodental was held in Madrid between March 10th and 12th and a team from Artedental was happy to take part.

This 14th event is a benchmark for the profession and Artedental is very aware that it is the place to be if you want to be the ultimate in the industry.

Artedental has taken part year after year but their presence this time was rather different.

This time, the team was actually part of it.

Firstly, medical director Víctor Cubillo gave a presentation on the Bioner implants and the use of dentin as the autologous bone regeneration material. He documented a variety of interesting cases from his own experience in as Artedental implantologist.

Secondly, the communica-tion department of the clinic, Input 360 Dental Marketing participated with a stand in the training area.

Amaya Sáez, director of Artedental, Víctor Cubillo and Volker Samrei, prosthetic clinic director, accompanied this group of young people as advisers, which strengthens the value of Input 360: experts in dentistry and communi-cation have combined their experiences to form a team that differentiated itself from other exhibitors at the fair.

The history of Input 360 is short but meteoric. They have applied their journey in sectors more accustomed to modern aesthetics and design in the orthodontics market. And they have done well.

The passion which they have injected into their work has immersed them in the dental profession, a sector which had and has the need for immediate modernisation.

Not only have they given it a fresh and modern design, corporate videos have made them stand out with a product of great success.

In a sector very cold like orthdontology, in which the figure of the dentist can often instill fear and rejection, they bring this professional to the patient through a unique method.

CEO and founder of Input 360 is the Canary director, Eduardo Cubillo who has managed to differentiate and add value to their audiovisual productions within the dental framework.

In just eight months, they have achieved a portfolio of over 20 clients in the national and international dental scene.

They include doctor Eugene Marais, president of the British Academy of Dental Implantology; Dirk Mankow, a Berlin oral surgeon; the Barcelona dental implants house, Bioner; the EBA Academy in Austria; the association Dental Medical Group, an institution which encompasses dentists of the first level in Spain and Portugal.

Glancing at their Facebook page will show you their surprising route in such a short time.

Amaya Sáez says the key to Input 360 has been in part its intention to educate people.

As administrator of Artedental, one of the best in Tenerife, she says it doesn’t matter how much dentists invest in technology, research and equipment if they don’t communicate.

“Input 360 is born with a commitment to explain pedagogically but also to visualise what these dentists are able to do and how to invest in their patients,” she explains.

Her experience in clinical management and her contact with international dentists has shown how this didactic function has greatly developed in Europe but in Spain, it is still a fledgling activity.

The future for Input 360 may also surprise. In June, the team has been invited to participate with a presentation BARD Conference, a symposium in London organised by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry held biennially in the UK and involving more than 100 dentists in the world.

And not only that. Eduardo Cubillo medium term plans include the launch of a live channel of oral surgery via the internet. Quite a challenge for a young company very aware of the possibilities offered in an era of telematics.