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Cats’ Welfare league 

Why spay? 40,000 reasons

One female cat has the ability to produce an average of 12 kittens a year and if those kittens (and so on) are not spayed/castrated then in only six years there will be a staggering 40,000 extra cats, and that’s only starting from one female!

Letting your cat have a litter of kittens may seem like a fun thing to do. Some even believe that it helps their female cat, in some way, to develop more completely or become a better pet. Neither is true. Becoming pregnant and having a litter of kittens in no way alters the maturity level of the cat, either physically or mentally.

During the heat cycle there are numerous behaviour problems that may develop. Females in heat will actively search out male cats and may attempt to escape from the house or garden putting them in the danger of traffic, fights with other animals, etc. The howling at 2 a.m. will affect your behaviour as well as your cat’s! In addition, unspayed females may spray urine when they are in heat and that’s never going to smell nice in your home!

Mammary cancer is the third most common cancer in cats but those who have been spayed have a 40-60 per cent lower risk than those who have not been spayed.

Unspayed cats can develop a severe uterine disease. With this disorder, bacteria enters the uterus and it becomes filled with pus. Undetected, this condition is almost always fatal.

So, you’ve decided not to let your female cat become pregnant. Congratulation on your decision. What are the options?

There are birth control pills for cats, but they can have serious unwanted side effects and cannot be used for long periods of time. As a practical permanent form of sterilization, we are left with the surgical procedure called spaying.

Cats Welfare can secure inexpensive spaying for your cat at any of the four vets practices that we collaborate with contact us for details.


If you’re looking for a new fury companion please consider Smokey. She is an all black cuddly bundle with so much love to give. She has tested positive for leukaemia but is so loving that we really want to give her a chance to live her life out in peace.

We will pay for the treatment to do with her Leukaemia at one of our vets so there will be no extra cost to her new owner and she is already spayed. She will need a home where she is an indoor cat and either an only cat or with other Leukaemia positive cats. Can someone find it in their heart to give her a chance.

To find out more or ask questions please contact Theresa (680475500 10.00 until 18.00 any day). Pictures of all our cats and kittens awaiting adoption can be found on our web site, cats-welfare-tenerife.com/pets.

This page is updated daily so always has the latest availability. So if you’re thinking about adopting a cat (or kitten) or for a no obligation quote on spaying from one of our vets contact Theresa (680475500 10.00 until 18.00 any day).