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Desexing, fixing, castration, the snip, or by its correct veterinary name: orchiectomy (also termed gonadectomy), is the surgical removal of a male cat’s testicles. But why bother when they can’t have kittens? Well there are lots of reasons why it is so important.

The prevention of unwanted litters – Your male cat can’t have kittens but he’s able to make sure the un neutered females in your area do! The dumping of unwanted litters of kittens is an all-too-common occurrence here in Tenerife and it is incredibly hard to find homes for them all.

The prevention of testicular diseases – It is difficult to contract a testicular disease if you have no testicles! Early neutering prevents tomcats from contracting a range of testicular diseases and disorders including testicular cancer. The prevention or at least reduction of testosterone related behavioural problems – The testicles are responsible for producing testosterone causing un castrated cats to be more aggressive, prone to fighting and roaming to find females. Roaming will also put them in danger of accidents on roads and getting lost.

The reduction of tom cat urine odours – Entire tomcats can have very pungent urine. Castrated males do not seem to produce as pungent a urine smell and as an added bonus, neutering will sometimes cure inappropriate spraying. It is thought that neutering can eliminate urine spraying activities in up to 87% of cats.

To reduce the spread of diseases – Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids are just two of the terrible diseases that can be spread by bodily fluids. Vaccination will help protect you cat but so will castration.

What are the disadvantages to castration? Well none really. Post castration they may need a few less calories a day but that can be easily controlled by a little less food to ensure they don’t gain weight. It doesn’t cost much around 60 euros or even less and contrary to popular belief by some male humans your pets virility is no reflection of your own!

Cats Welfare can make an appointment on your behalf at one of the four vets we collaborate with and will secure the best price for you. Call or Whatsapp Theresa on 680475500 (9.00-18.00 seven days a week).

Cat taxi drivers required

Would you like to help Cats Welfare but don’t know how? Live in Tenerife? Have access to a car? Use Whatsapp? Please then consider joining our Cat Taxi service. Some-times in an emergency we need people to pick up an injured/sick cat and take it to one of our vets. If you’re not available that day then simply don’t respond to the SOS Whatsapp message. If you are available reply to the What-sapp that you can help. It’s as easy as that. Ring or Whatsapp Theresa to find out more with no obligation.


Want to adopt?

Our web page is updated daily with pictures and information about all our cats and kittens awaiting homes www.cats-welfare-tenerife/pets. If you’re looking to adopt take a look and contact us to arrange a no obligation visit with the foster carer where you can ask questions and meet the cat. All cats and kittens go on a weeks trial so that you can be sure you have made the right decision.


Our shop

We are always looking for donations of good condition/quality clothes for our charity shop. If you have anything for donation including as new furniture and household effects ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection from you. Our shop is on San Blas in Golf del Sur (Behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but Saturdays is 11.00 until 16.00. Pop in for a browse and help us help the cats.