|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Think you know dogs? Think again. Here are some common dog myths debunked 

1. Dogs can only see in black and white

Although they can’t see the world in full technicolour like we can, dogs can see some colours. Their eyes detect fewer colours than ours, so their perception is similar to humans with colour blindness.

They can tell the difference between blue and yellow, but see green and red as shades of grey.

2. I can tell when my dog has done

something wrong from the guilty look on their face

Ever come home to find your pet has chewed up your child’s favourite cuddly toy, or has made a mess on the carpet? That look on his face isn’t guilt, but you could be forgiven for thinking it is.

Owners often mistakenly believe their dog knows they have done wrong, but what you’re actually seeing is ‘appeasement behaviour’.

Dogs that look guilty are doing nothing more than responding to an owner’s disappointment, upset or anger and it is their way of diffusing tension in response to feeling threatened. They’re more likely to do this is they’ve been told off in the past.

3. When my dog eats grass it means they are sick

“She’s just been fed, so why is my dog eating grass?!” It’s a common bugbear of dog owners, and also a worry due to the common belief that dogs eat grass to make them-selves sick and get rid of something nasty they’ve swallowed. Others think grass eating is a sign of a lack of some nutrients, but studies have shown this is not the case.

In fact, it’s much more likely to be because it tastes nice, particularly in the spring and summer months when it’s green and fresh. As long as the grass your pet is eating hasn’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides, and your dog is protected from lung-worm, they should be fine.