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Don’t live in the dark! “Visual Center Madhu” has the answers 

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Is it hard to orient yourself? Have you stopped sewing or reading? Are you bothered by changes in light? Do you feel insecure when driving? Are not you able to recognise faces?

Low vision is any degree of visual impairment that subsantially limits what a person sees and cannot be corrected by conventional prescription glasses, contact lenses, medical or surgical treatment.

It is mainly caused by various diseases, usually associated with aging, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, aniridia, etc.

Is your viewing blurred? Do you see double? Do you see crooked lines? Or, in a more advanced condition, do you see a black spot? Then you may be suffering macular degeneration.

You may not even experience any of these symptoms because one eye is compensating for the other but, in any case, if you are more than 50 years of age, you should not be seeing a black spot.

Macular degeneration is an eye disease caused by damage or deterioration to the macula.The macula is a yellowish layer sensitive to light found at the back of the eye, at the entre of the retina.

In the area of Baja Visión or Low Vision in the “Visual Center Madhu”, we do not go into the medical assessment of this condition. In other words, our goal is not to cure, nor supplant the role of the eye, but to maximise their remaining useful vision, and get you to continue enjoying activities believed lost forever because of his visual impairment.

You are not blind! Do not resign yourself to a sedentary and inactive life, which results in physical damage and premature aging.

Visual Center Madhu has:

• Special filters specific to each condition to protect and enhance the damaged retina and protect the healthy retina.

• Yellow filters to augment your contrast and give a better sense of visual acuity.

• Magnifiers, telescopes, prisms-

• Vitamin supplements for the retina.

• Sunglasses and tinted solar supplements

• Lamps with light control and brightness.

• Syntonic optometric phototherapy. A therapy with light and colours that has been in place for over 70 years in the US and is used to regulate the nervous system, protect the retina, regulate biorhythms, control hormones and reduce frustration and visual stress. It is also ideal in cases of migraines and strabismus.

Visual Center Madhu.

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