|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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“Cloned shampoo” gang made millions from scam 

An international gang based in Marbella turned out at least 200,000 bottles of counterfeit shampoo each month, earning millions of euros in the process.

Police have arrested seven people of various nationalities who were behind the scam which involved product development, packaging and labelling to simulate the real thing.

The well-known brand has not been named but police say it was distributed to a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

They say the gang had its own laboratory with an expert known as “The Professor” in charge and had a huge warehouse in which to store excess bottles.

The conditions in which the shampoo was made lacked all the necessary hygiene standards and all intellectual property rights were violated.

The false shampoo was usually transported by road with various different logistics companies but also by ship and one load was intercepted on its way to Germany.

Of the seven people arrested, two are said to be leaders of the network, together with a specialist chemist. All of them are charged with crimes of belonging to a criminal organisation, against intellectual property and money laundering.