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Casa Los Zamorano continues its quest to keep traditions alive 


The popular Casa Los Zamorano in Tegueste is trying to encourage young people to get to know and enjoy their culture.

The new interpretation centre has just published a series of workbooks for school children to teach them about their heritage. They are aimed at increasing their awareness of the environment and the need for its conservation whilst getting them involved in community projects and living in a close-knit community.

The new books are aimed at all levels, kindergarten, primary and secondary education and material has also been designed for teachers.

Director of the interpretation centre, Pilar Galván said the Casa Los Zamorano could not ignore the importance of school-age children in cultural dissemination.

The museum had been designed as a place of lear-ning as well as entertainment where people could discover their heritage. Unless young people knew about their his-tory and traditions, they could not value them.

“It is our duty to pass on the heritage values of the com-munity to children,” said the director.

The Casa Los Zamorano opened in June 2013 and now houses an excellent interpretation centre. The house itself turns back the clocks to show people the history of their cultural heritage and the landscape and people who define Tegueste as it is today.

For more information about Casa Los Zamorano, those interested can call 922 31 61 18 (Agency for Employment and Local Development) 922 31 61 02 (Tourist Information) 922 31 61 12 (Casa Los Zamorano) or email casaloszamorano@tegueste.org