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Brunelli’s, a new gastronomic experience which will amaze and delight 

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Fantastic new steakhouse with incredible descending 14 metre wide picture window opens to the public.

There is somewhere new in the north of Tenerife you must not miss, a new project which Wolfgang Kiessling, owner of Loro Parque and Siam Park, has put together, something completely different to what he has done before on this island. This is Brunelli’s Steakhouse.

Brunelli’s is the result of many trips to different parts of the States, looking and trying many different steakhouses. It’s a compound of the best tried and seen in those trips.

Brunelli’s was inaugurated on September 7th, the same day as Wolfang Kiessling’s 78th birthday.

Why is it called Brunelli’s? Brunelli’s is the name of an exemplary Dogue de Bordeaux, a very calm and intelligent dog, one of Wolfgang Kiessling’s best home mates which has never given him any trouble and this is why this name was chosen for this new project.

Brunelli’s is generating 15 new jobs and intends to be the best restaurant of the Canary Islands specialising in meats.

Brunelli’s is situated in Punta Brava, Puerto de la Cruz, in front of the Loro Parque main entrance.

If the outside doesn’t stand out as much as we are used to with Kiessling’s projects, just take a step forward into the restaurant. You will be amazed by the experience inside.

With a panoramic window, 14 metres wide and in one piece, it is considered the largest lookout of the Canary Islands.

You will enjoy the views to the horizon and the sea only a few metres away from the coast.

The experience of seeing the sunset at Brunelli’s is an experience you cannot miss. A surprise follows after the sun has gone done completely. The 14 metre panoramic window starts sliding down until it is completely hidden, opening the restaurant completely to enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea but with no feeling at all of a a change in temperature in the restaurant atmosphere, as it has been specially designed so that the level is maintained.

Their slogan defines exactly the experience:

“In the North of Tenerife, with the sea as the canvas and the breeze invading our senses. Our doors are open to offer you a new gastronomic experience you’ll be amazed with.”


The menu consists of a selection of top quality meats, fresh market fish and delicious desserts. A great gastronomic offer accompanied by your choice of starters, soups, salads, side dishes and their spectacular Brunelli’s Special Burger.

Their specially selected meat is matured for 28 days, an ageing process which takes place in an appropriate atmosphere, where the temperature and the humidity are constantly controlled. The meats at present come from Denmark but they are planning to import the meat from Ireland as this is considered one of the best in the world keeping the balance between quality and price.

There is a great selection of meats such as Sirloin, Chateaubriand, Entrecote, T-Bone Steak, Rib Steak, Porter House, Iberian Pork chop and Rack of lamb. Their master butcher will be able to help you choose the beef cut that suits you best.

The meats are grilled in a Southbend oven unique in the Canary Islands and the second in all of Spain. During the process of grilling which takes place at 800 degrees, the grill seals in the flavours which creates a tasty, almost caramelized crust. The meat inside stays very tender and juicy.

When you go to Brunelli’s, do try their special Cuvée wine which has been exclusively labelled for them, a Grand Reserve 2005 from Castillo de Tornos in Aragón

With an American style décor, Brunelli’s keeps the elegant style of all of Kiessling’s projects, with a mixture of a typical steakhouse and a touch of our Canarian soul. There is a great selection of pictures on its walls, three of which belong to Cesar Manrique, in homage to our great Canarian artist.

The food is served by a team of great professionals carefully selected by the Food and Drinks Manager of Hotel Botanico, guaranteeing the best service.

This is a gastronomic ad-venture which should attract new tourists and residents as it has been meticulously designed so it is accessible to all, with a close relationship between quality and price.

Not surprisingly, this new arrival in Puerto de la Cruz is already receiving rave reviews, including on Trip-Advisor.

One delighted customer has said;

“I have travelled all over the world and eaten in many top class restaurants including Maxwell Plum’s in New York, The Waldorf Jumbos in Hong Kong, Kahalla Hilton in Hawaii and Top of the tower in Sydney. This restaurant is in my top three due to one magical element that none of the others have.

We sat down to have our dinner in the evening and I heard a noise behind me. When we looked around, the whole of the wall windows had disappeared enabling us to see outside and watch the sun setting into the sea. We could also hear the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks below, awesome! In addition to this, we could see our food being prepared by several chefs and the service was impeccable, attentive without being intrusive.

A five star establishment, which would be easy to miss if you didn’t know about it. Don’t miss an opportunity to be amazed and given an experience you will never forget”.

What better an accolade and recommendation to make your own personal visit!

Brunelli’s Steakhouse is open from Monday to Sunday from 13:00 to 15:30 and in the evening from 19:00 to 23:00.

It can be found in Calle Bencomo, 42, Punta Brava, Puerto de la Cruz.

For reservations please call on: 922 062 600 or e-mail: info@brunellis.com