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Vicki Edmundson (10th November 1919-2nd August 2015) 

Vicki died peacefully in a hospice in Harrogate after a short illness. For ever 40 years she was a regular visitor to Puerto de La Cruz. Following retirement she spent whole winters here. Initially she came because her only son Paul and worked on the island, many will remember him from his time with the Tentravel agency. Tragically he died in 2001, but Vicki continued to visit having 2 grandchildren living here. Her late husband was the manager of a cinema in Leeds in its heyday and she attended premieres and even had a small part in Room at the Top. She had many amusing stories to tell about that time. Vicki had a long and eventful life overshadowed by the untimely death of Paul.

For many years she participated in ex-pat activities and became a well-known character. In 2012 failing health prevented her from continuing to travel and she was living latterly in sheltered accommodation in Harrogate before this final illness. Many will remember her for her sharp mind, quick wit and wicked sense of humour. She is survived by grandchildren Patrick and Katia. Rest in Peace