|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Quality or quantity 

Dear Editor,

With regard to your ‘quality or quantity’ piece, it seems ridiculous that an island where the main industry is tourism should think about capping its visitor numbers, especially now that  its chief competitors are fast beco-ming no go areas. Obviously all inclusive holidays are a disaster for local businesses and in my view, should have been banned years ago. More divisive however is the attempted destruction of the holiday letting sector. The tourist board, heavily influenced by the poisonous hand of Ashotel, that hotbed of self interest, has chosen not to admit that apartment holidays are vital for local business of all sorts. Is it beyond the whit of local government to make it easier for owners to declare their earnings, and pay a reaso-nable tax on their lets, so that the authorities get a fair return. Unlike now, with their draconian rules and astronomical fines, they receive absolutely nothing. Also why don’t hotels follow the American model, and offer cheap room only deals so that guests who don’t want to spend their money on sub standard buffets and naff booze, can venture forth and check out just what this great island has to offer. Oh sorry, was that the sound of grinding teeth from Ashotel ! It works for the USA, why not here.!

T.J.Rowley, Costa Adeje.