|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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People aren’t money-producing machines! 

Dear Editor

I personally find all the talk about “quality over quantity” with respect to tourists to Tenerife quite insulting and have for some time.

I think it probably started when the Russian tourists were at their prime over here. Because they are known to be big spenders, it was pretty awful to be in a restaurant with a group of them at the same time because all the waiters just concentrated their efforts on the Russian party in the hope they would leave a big tip. No doubt they did just that.

However, did it work? No, because the Russian boom didn’t last long did it and it was back down to the good old Brits to keep faith with Tenerife. We might not tip the best but we have always stayed loyal to Tenerife haven’t we?

With all this debate about “quality over quantity”, is the loyal tourist going to be shunned just because they don’t spend a great deal of money? Let’s not forget they have already had to fork out for flights, which are now more expensive than ever before, transfer costs etc. Tenerife should be thankful they have managed to afford a holiday, let alone have any money left over to spend.

Money spent can benefit different sectors too. Airlines, transport companies, taxis, supermarkets etc so it doesn’t necessarily have to go into the pockets of the bars or restaurants to help Tenerife.

People can only afford to spend what they have and we should remember that everyone has been through the worst recession ever.

Don’t treat people like money-producing machines. They are people just trying to have a nice holiday. Let them spend what they can.

One starting point is to ensure there are good offers around, not rip-offs. Food should be good value and so should drinks. And make sure the taxis don’t over-charge as all too frequently the same journey costs different amounts.

Make sure the tourist feels valued. Don’t glare at them if they don’t buy drinks every five minutes. Certainly don’t indicate to anyone that they will only be welcome if they are big spenders!

GT, Redditch