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Jobless figure drops for sixth successive month 

The number of unemployed registered in Spain fell by 74,028 in July.

This is the largest reduction in July since 1998 and more than twice the reduction posted in July 2014 (29,841 fewer unemployed).

It is also the sixth consecutive month of reductions in the number of unemployed. In the last eight years, unemployment in July has fallen by an average of 37,000.

In seasonally-adjusted terms, recorded unemployment fell by 44,286 in July 2015. This is the largest ever reduction in this month of the year.

Recorded unemployment has fallen by 373,584 over the last 12 months, the largest reduction since current records began. The year-on-year fall in unemployment accelerated from -7.4 per cent in June to -8.5 per cent in July.

Following this reduction, the total number of unem-ployed stands at 4,046,276, the lowest figure since September 2010. There are now 376,083 fewer registered unemployed than in December 2011. In July, unemployment among the under-25s fell by 8,989 (-2.61 per cent) on the previous month. This figure fell by 56,012 year-on-year, the largest year-on-year reduction since 1997, at an annual rate of 14.3 per cent.

Recorded unemployment has fallen in all sectors where the unemployed are regis-tered. Unemployment among those who most recently worked in the service sector fell by 44,303 (-1.65 per cent). The same trend was seen among those coming from the construction sector (-10,511 or -2.25 per cent), the industrial sector (-11,281 or -2.82 per cent) and the agriculture sector (-2,325 or -1.15 per cent). Unemployment among first-time job-seekers fell by 5,608 (-1.54 per cent).

Recorded unemployment fell in 16 autonomous regions, including Andalusia (-19,319), Galicia (-12,691) and Cata-lonia (-9,162). In contrast, unemployment rose in Extremadura (279).

A total of 1,795,713 new employment contracts were signed in July. This is the highest reported number of contracts in one month since October 2007. It is also an increase of 9.2 per cent on the same month in 2014.

In turn, permanent employment grew by 8.56 per cent on the same figure posted 12 months ago, while permanent full-time employment grew by 10.07 per cent.

In the first seven months of the year, permanent employ-ment grew by 14.37 per cent on the same period last year, while permanent full-time employment grew by 16.94 per cent.

State Secretary for Employment, Juan Pablo Riesgo, stressed that the data “shows that the improvement in the employment market is consolidating and, it could even be said, getting better”.

“The recovery is filtering down to more families, although we are well aware that there is still much more to be done because over four million people are still looking for a job but cannot find one”, said Juan Pablo Riesgo. He went on to add that the Government of Spain “is working extremely hard for there to be more jobs of increasing quality”.