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Home comforts for your rabbit 

Outdoor rabbits need plenty of room with a hutch large enough to be able to stand on their hind legs, have the opportunity to stretch out, and hop around.

There must also be a private compartment for them to retire to when they wish for some privacy. The minimum hutch size for small or large rabbits is 183cm x 90cm floor space, by 90cm tall. Gone are the days when rabbits were kept at the end of the garden in a hutch with no facility for exercise.

A good choice of accommodation for rabbits is a small wooden Wendy house with either a large run attached, or a fenced area surrounding it to allow the rabbits to exercise as and when they feel the need. If this type of accommodation is chosen, it gives owners the opportunity to observe them exhibiting more natural behaviour. Rabbits kept in accommodation which is too small often become bad tempered and difficult to handle. This may be because they are suffering from skeletal pain as a result of being confined. If your rabbit’s behaviour changes in this way, consider their accommodation but also seek veterinary advice.

It is important that the accommodation is sited in a shaded area away from direct sunlight, strong winds, and rain. The rabbits must have extra bedding and protection from the elements during the winter months. Ensure the accommodation has strong sliding bolts and is predator-proof as it is possible for a rabbit to die of shock from being harassed by domestic and wild animals