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Extended promotion from MÁSMÓVIL 

Call home and speak for an extra 50 minutes for FREE!

HURRY! If you renew your MÁSMÓVIL pay-as-you-go international internet and voice bundles before 31st August 2015, you’ll get an extra 50 minutes for FREE!!

This incredible offer is available right now, so don’t delay and extend your bundle now. Just think, you can phone home and speak for 50% longer time free. Imagine calling the UK for example or other European destinations, the States and even Asia and instead of speaking for 100 minutes you can speak for 150 minutes. And prices start from only 7.5 euros.

MÁSMÓVIL is offering this great summer deal as long as you contract this or renew your existing bundle before or on the 31st August 2015. It lasts for three whole months from activation, should you wait until the end of August to do it. Don’t delay, get 50% more, every time you contract more bundles between now and the end of the offer!

These bundles start from as little as 7.5 euros including tax! If you’re not already a customer of MÁSMÓVIL, you can move your existing telephone number to us and within a short time be reaping the benefits of this great offer.

Make sure you have no penalty clauses before you move your number to us, which, by the way, we do for you, so it’s trouble free!

With our Pay-as-you-go bundles, you can top-up your SIM card whenever you wish! Simply go to any of our distributors or find one at our web page:

www.masmovil.es or call us on our toll free number 2373.

At MÁSMÓVIL you can be assured of transparency! If there is something you don’t understand you can call us on 1473 or ask your distributor. We don’t have fixed terms or penalties either so you can stay with us for as long or as short as want. For just 1euro you can even ‘park’ your telephone number if you happen to be travelling away from Spain for up to 6 months, and you will not have to pay your monthly fees while you’re away. When you return we re-activate your number; all so simple.

Go to:

http://www.masmovil.es/int/rates-prepaid/> for all the information on our bundles and how to get this 50% extra promotional offer.

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