|Friday, January 18, 2019
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Well done to Siam Mall! 

Dear Editor

As regular visitors to Tenerife, we just wanted to write and say how pleased we were to find the new Siam Mall open on our recent visit.

We think it will be a great asset to the south of the island and it was long overdue, although we do understand that the economy played a huge part in the delay.

It really is great to go around the shops (and to find so many of them) because this had been lacking in Tenerife. Yes, there are lots of good shops in Playa de las Americas around the Safari Centre and there are lots of other smaller shops along the beach front etc but nothing really in the middle ground.

Most people seem to be praising Siam Mall but there are still a few moaning about the lack of a Primark. Why do we need a Primark? Go along to the centre and you will find many similar shops with good prices and some really great choice of restaurants on the first floor.

Nice to see as well that the centre is disabled friendly with good wide aisles and a lift as well.

An accolade to the developers we think!

Turner family, Birmingham (regular visitors to Tenerife