|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Latest drugs find: cocaine hidden inside cans of fruit drink 

Drug traffickers are continuing to use all kinds of ways to try and smuggle their caches in and out of Spain.

Hot on the heels of officers discovering a huge amount of cocaine hidden inside scooped-out pineapples, another haul has been found inside cans of fruit drinks.

This latest consignment was intercepted at Madrid-Barajas airport and ten people have been arrested, two in Seville and eight in Malaga.

Twenty kilos of high purity cocaine was seized, together with two litres of acetone and two litres of solvent.

The liquid drug was contained in plastic bags hidden within the 240ml cans of fruit drink.

Two companies are imputed, one of them the exporter of the product from Ecuador and the other from Cordoba.

The operation was jointly developed by the National Police and the Tax Office who found 81 bags of liquid cocaine in total.

They had been tipped off in December 2014 about an inter-national organisation, composed of individuals of various nationalities.

The batch of 1,500 cans of fruit drink was intercepted at the airport and 81 of them contained cocaine amounting to 20 kilos and of a purity more than 90 per cent.