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Bajamar swim likely to reach capacity entry 

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The annual Santa Cruz swim from  Bajamar to Punta del Hidalgo is likely to attract a capacity turn-out, says the city council.

At the last count, only 40 of the 300 places  were left for the event on July 25th and this has taken even the organisers by surprise.

They believe the excellent response is down to a sliding scale of fees which meant the earlier people booked up, the less they would pay.

Those who enter before July 6th pay only ten euros but even by this date, there might not be any places left.

The sports department of the local council and the sports club La Bajeta also feels there has been a substantial increase in interest in these types of events.

The women’s race will start at 6pm and the men ‘s five minutes later.

The distance from the beach of Bajamar to the fishing shelter of Punta del Hidalgo is 1,900 metres and the time limit to complete it is one and a half hours. Entrants must be at least 16 years of age and those between 16 and 18 must have the express permission of their parents.