|Sunday, August 18, 2019
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The top ten dangers for your pet this Christmas 

The UK-based animal charity Blue Cross is warning owners of the top ten dangers to animals over the festive season.

The hustle and bustle can be overwhelming for animals and there can be extra temptations around the home for inquisitive mouths.

Add to these dangers the freezing conditions outside and pets can find themselves in trouble. Some of these tips only apply to the UK where the weather is likely to plummet but it can hit minus degrees at the higher points in Tenerife as well where ice and snow does occur.

Following a few simple rules can mean the Christmas period can be as enjoyable for pets as for their owners. The top ten Christmas dangers to look out for are:

Pets falling into icy ponds.

Cats climbing into engines to escape from the cold and suffering burns.

Swallowing tinsel or Christmas wrapping.

Eating Christmas chocolates – they can be poisonous to pets.

Chewing through fairy lights.

Eating or licking festive plants such as Poinsettia, lilies, holly and yew, which can be poisonous.

Eating human food – turkey bones can choke pets and a lot of Christmas treats are too rich for animals and can cause upset tummies.

Crackers, party poppers and champagne corks which can spook animals.

Christmas tree needles which can spike pets’ paws.

Freezing conditions which can leave pets with frostbite or hypothermia.