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A place to excite your senses and a must to visit 




La Granja Verde – Finca Temática brings to you the traditional agricultural products and livestock of the Canary Islands.


With a large extension of land on their hands, the team is in the process of accomplishing a very interesting project. This involves combining the rural and culinary Canary tradition with a restaurant a la carte (Dula y Pipa), a restaurant for groups and events (Cordon de Uva) and a thematic agriculture and farmland (La Granja Verde – Finca Temática). These will also be the main source for the food served at the site; ie self-sustained.

If this project excites your senses and knowledge, it should be considered a MUST, because the array of possibilities that this new project La Granja Verde – Finca Temática (The Green Farm – Thematic Estate) has and is going to have on offer is extensive.

Apart from the groups and events, there’s the possibility of birthday celebrations for the small ones too and as explained by the Mâitre of the establishment; the idea is to present to the kids an agricultural experience. It’s also a cool surprise for the kids to have a ride on pony after lunch; right? Well it’s possible at this establishment.

 As you can see there are many things going on at La Granja Verde, but before we go on any further, it must be pointed out that the whole project isn’t totally finished. The Green Farm – Thematic Estate will be live in a matter of months, but you can still enjoy a great day-out.

Cordón de Uva

This is the first restaurant you will find when you enter the estate, with a beautiful open garden and terrace. Here you can enjoy light foods such as Papas Arrugadas with Mojo (boiled potatoes with abundant salt and typical canary sauces with a base of red and green peppers), Spanish omelette or croquettes. The speciality is the famous Rancho Canario (Canary Stew) that has ingredients such as chick peas, pasta, pork, pancetta, potatoes and vegetables. It is at Cordon de Uva and its terraces, gardens and wine cellars where the groups and events take place.

Dula & Pipa

If you follow the path downwards you’ll arrive at Dula y Pipa, the restaurant a la carte where the managers invited us to savour the authentic flavours of the Canary cuisine. The restaurant is located where the “medianero” (farmer) lived and it’s been stripped down leaving a beautiful spacious interior with an incredibly high ceiling of tiles and beams. The walls are clean, adorned with artist exhibition pieces and a big round high table sits at the centre of it all.

 Chef Norberto Betancor suggested the gourmet menu would provide us with an overall sense of the food served at Dula y Pipa. A seven dish menu, including dessert with a price of 38€ per person (drinks aren’t included), although they are quite substantial and a gourmet menu could be enough for two people, depending on the appetite you might have at the time. Another important thing to have in mind when ordering the gourmet menu is, as the maître informed us, a “menú cerrado” (closed menu), meaning by this that it isn’t possible to order this menu for one of the com-mensals and the others order a la carte.


The Food

 After having gone through the gourmet menu, is fair to say that the fundamentals in this kitchen is the Canary culinary tradition but presented in a contemporary way:

 We enjoyed this experience with the baked aubergine and goat cottage cheese with a surprising coffee sauce.

Chicharrones (boiled pancetta) with gofio as a starter.

The “pella/bola de gofio” (block/ball of corn/wheat flour) with a touch of spicy sauce resembled ginger buns.

We also tasted the Canary black pudding (sweet) rolled in crispy pastry and bedded on top of pineapple compote.

The sea came in the form of a boiled and slightly grilled octopus leg accompanied with chives and a sweet potato puree/mash.

The livestock savoured was the famous “cochino negro” (black pig), served with “papas panaderas” (baker’s potatoes) and baby vegetables.


Brownie with chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce.

Pudding, drunk in mango and passion fruit sauce and syrupped vegetables.



A fine selection of Canary wine and a touch of mainland wine.


How to get there

Coming from Santa Cruz – You can arrive to this new project by entering the first roundabout after leaving the highway, that leads to La Orotava through el Ramal (the entrance with flags) and once in the roundabout take the first right. After turning just follow the road and you’ll come to a big parking space that is part of the complex.

Coming from Icod – once you enter the roundabout go around and on the first turn that doesn’t lead to La Orotava you follow the road.

Address & contact details:

Trasera Camino del Torreón, nº 2, El Ramal – La Orotava

Tlf: 922 33 35 09

Email: info@lagranjaverde.es

Website: http://lagranjaverde.es/