|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Advice for paragliders at Los Realejos 


Paragliders who want to enjoy the fantastic scenery and facilities around Los Realejos are being urged to take care.

Their safety also includes watching out for buzzards or hawks which have been known to attack, solely in defence of their chicks who they think are under threat.

The local council has put up information signs to help paragliders understand the terrain and the weather conditions around the area of La Corona. It also includes landing sites, the location of power lines and a series of recommendations, all in three languages.

Councillor for sport and the environment, Benito Dévora said the area included protected landscape so there were descriptions of the flaura and fauna, with particular emphasis on the buzzard.

It is also being stressed that paragliders who want to use this area must have the relevant certificates and insurance.