|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Shock as immigrants found in dashboard and jet ski 


Illegal immigrants continue to go to extraordinary and potentially life-threatening extremes in order to get into Spain.

Police say only the swift action of a border control guard in Melilla saved a 19-year-old woman from suffocation as she hid inside the dashboard of a car. A 15-year-old was discovered clinging onto the chassis of the same car and it was seeing his legs hanging out that alerted the officer.

In a separate incident, police found two would-be immigrants concealed inside a jet ski and they too were showing signs of suffocation.

In the first incident, the two teenagers were discovered at the checkpoint in Melilla but the driver escaped, running back towards Morocco.

As officers helped the 15-year-old out of the chassis area, they heard banging and screaming and had to dismantle the car to free the girl from inside the dashboard. She was taken to hospital for treatment. Both came from Guinea Conakry.

In the second case, also in Melilla, police discovered two immigrants of sub-Saharan origin hidden inside the jet ski which tried to race away at a high speed. When stopped, voices and screams were heard from inside calling for help.

Police said this was the first time they had come across such a case and warned it could have had fatal consequences.