|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Conmen use “Game of Thrones” ploy 

Thousands of people are believed to have been duped into applying for a role in the fifth series of “Game of Thrones”.

Two conmen apparently took advantage of a genuine call for extras to set up a bogus website.

It invited interested people to phone in but then kept them hanging on the line whilst the clock ticked on and cost at least ten euros or more. Police believe the fraud netted around 100,000 euros in one week alone.

Filming is to take place in Seville and a genuine email was published. However, taking advantage of this, two men in Ibiza set up the bogus website and a premium telephone line on 11858. The website looked genuine because it had the same design and colours of the film logo.

Because of the interest in “Game of Thrones”, the number of callers was very high. The average waiting time was six minutes, earning money for the two men who set up the scam and line collaborators.

Both the bogus website and bogus line have been discontinued and it is hoped to make an arrangement under which all those who lost out will get their money back. Both men have been arrested.