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Getting trim in 2014 

Let’s face it, we humans all eat a little too much over Christmas – but have you let your dog over-indulge too?

Being overweight can have some serious consequences, so make it your new year’s resolution to get your pooch back into shape.

A lot of pet dogs have more body fat than they should and it can make them more prone to illnesses like arthritis, breathing difficulties, heart problems and diabetes.

It may sound shocking but you could actually be killing your pet with kindness.

So if you think your pet is looking a bit portly, please make 2014 the year that they fight the flab and get back into shape.

Our top tips are here to help:

Be strong! Resist giving your dog treats when eating or letting them follow you around to hoover up your crumbs, no matter how doe- eyed they look.

Give them the right kind of food. Dogs fed human foods often overeat and become overweight, even on low fat meats like chicken.

Talk to your vet. Using special calorie-controlled food is often the most effective way of losing weight and they can help you with this.

Keep a food diary and record everything (including treats/scraps) that your dog eats for a few days.

Increasing exercise isn’t enough on its own but it can really help. Start slowly and build up – talk to the vet first if your pet is old or poorly.

Introduce active games, both out on walks and at home.

Don’t forget to deduct treats you give your dog during training and play from their daily food allowance.