|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Trams trial new ticket system 


Tenerife’s trams are to trial a ticket purchase system unique in the world.

Metropolitano de Tenerife has implemented a new system which allows the purchase of tickets using a mobile phone.

The application is called Tranvinauta and began last week although currently there are just 170 people involved.

For four to eight weeks, testing will take place to detect any potential problems or failures. If everything works, then it will be rolled out to others. It may even be used on buses in due course.

Users need a smartphone or iphone to download the application. They choose what ticket they want and enter it and payment details into the phone. On the tram, instead of showing a ticket, they read a QQ code on the sticker located in the vehicle.

Metropolitano says this will be a cost-saving measure and has already proved a success when tested by staff.