|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Playing rough with dogs 


Will playing rough games with my dog make it aggressive?

Studies show that there is no connection between playing rough games with your dog and aggression but one way that dogs use to test their ability to win competitions is through rough games. If your dog plays rough games with you, they are less likely to inhibit their behaviour towards you at other times. If your dog defers to you, obeys you when you ask and you are happy with your relationship, there is no need not to play any type of game. If your dog is showing aggression, particularly towards you or other family members, playing rough games may well be contributing to it.

Playing rough games does not cause aggression but it can give your dog an unrealistic impression of their ability to control you, which can lead to a lack of consistency in your relationship, which may cause aggression in some dogs. If your dog is already showing aggression towards family members, playing rough games is likely to make them worse.