|Thursday, July 18, 2019
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“Keep calm over shark sightings” 


A message of calm has been relayed to beach users in Playa de las Americas after three shark sightings in just over a month.

Arona Council says there is no cause for alarm as there has never been an incident in the Canary Islands and no episode of shark aggressiveness.

At one stage last week, swimmers were advised to leave the water after a small shark was spotted in the area near Verónicas. It was said to have been about four metres from the shore and about two metres long but could not be found by the Guardia Civil. The evacuation was the second within a fortnight.

Arona’s deputy Mayor and environment councillor, Antonio Sosa said the three sightings had prompted them to prepare a protocol to deal with such situations.

In principle, he said, there was no danger but swimmers had been asked to leave the water. There were sharks in the Canaries but not around the beaches. Nevertheless, what was considered to be an isolated phenomenon had prompted a full in-depth investigation.