|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Harsh words over copper wiring thefts 


The continued theft of copper wiring has led to some harsh words and criticism in La Laguna which is thousands of euros out of pocket.

As a result of thefts this summer, the local council has had to fork out 37,100 euros for replacement wiring, involving the relaying of more than 17,000 metres.

First deputy Mayor, Javier Abreu said they were disgusted by the thefts and criticised Canary Government sub-delegate, Guillermo Díaz Guerra for allegedly not doing enough to help curb this phenomena. He said he should act in the same way as his counterpart in Córdoba who was co-ordinating efforts to prevent this type of theft.

The company responsible for La Laguna’s public lighting, VVO Services has been replacing the stolen copper wiring which particularly hit the municipality between June and September. In June, the council had to invest about 8,000 euros, followed by 10,211 euros in July, 6,445 euros in August and 12,500 euros in September.

Sr. Abreu deplored “these acts of vandalism against outdoor lighting” which in some cases had left areas completely in the dark and caused economic damage to the public purse. He asked for residents to be vigilant and to seek out the culprits by phoning the police or the 24-hour hotline on 900 814 976.

He congratulated the police on arrests made so far and members of the public for their help, as well as the fast and efficient replacement work carried out by VVO Services.