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Checking your car´s oil 



No-one wants to end up on the side of the road with smoke pouring out of their engine, although sadly this often happens due to the owner not carrying out simply tasks, like checking the oil and water at regular intervals.

By doing so you are more likely to prevent this from happening as you will be alerted to a potential problem early and can seek advice from your mechanic or garage.

Oil keeps the engine of the car lubricated, thereby keeping it clean and preventing it from overheating; you should always keep an eye on your temperature gauge when driving. In addition, water is used to help cool the radiator, in conjunction with coolant. Checking these levels regularly is beneficial and can be done easily, although if you are in any doubt your garage or mechanic will do this for you.

In routine maintenance, checking the engines oil is essential. If your car does not have sufficient oil or indeed too much, the engine can then be put under unwanted stress and damage can occur which can be costly. As stated already oil in the engine acts as a lubricant, and helps the car run at its best. If the oil levels become too low, there will not be enough lubricant and your engine can burn out quickly, often referred to as a seized engine. Too much oil can have a similar effect, as the overflow of oil will be whipped into foam by the crankshaft and leak into other parts of the engine, this can also lead to low oil pressure. Both outcomes can result in major and expensive repairs being necessary for the car.

To check the oil you should locate the dipstick and have a clean cloth or paper towel at hand. Essentially, the dipstick is a metal rod that is dropped into the oil tank and removed. There will be two marks on the dipstick, one for the low level of oil, and one for the high level. It is important to always be between these two lines. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure. Get into a routine of checking the levels on your car regularly.

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