|Friday, January 18, 2019
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The dreaded cost of a new term 


You may think that parents everywhere were counting down the hours to the start of the new school term but for some, it was the dreaded D-Day!

Consumer experts estimate that the average “back-to-school” cost for families in the Canary Islands was 1,020 euros per child. This is above the national average which stood at 838 euros.

The figures were produced by the Federation of Independent Users-Consumers (FUCI) which has offered general advice to parents who are feeling the pinch. This includes applying for state grants for text books and learning materials and asking for information on school meals and transport.

Although the 1,020 euros figure seems high, it is at the lower end of the Spanish scale as studying in Madrid comes out at 1,450 euros on average, Catalonia at 1,400 euros and Valencia at 1,360 euros. At the other end are the Canaries (1,020 euros), Galicia (990 euros) and La Rioja (605 euros).

The money is spent on such necessities as food, school transport, text books and uniforms.

About 180 euros is spent on text books, 50 euros on supplies such as backpacks, notebooks, folders and pens and 130 euros for uniforms. These costs are pushed up in relation to private schools which involve the additional charge of term fees. FUCI says the Spanish average of 838 euros represents a one per cent increase on the previous year.