|Friday, June 5, 2020
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La Laguna adds dog zone to plaza 

Dog parks and beaches seem to be catching on across Tenerife.

Last week, La Laguna council announced it was allocating part of a square in one of the capital’s districts especially to exercise dogs.

It follows on from Guimar’s decision to allocate the first doggie beach on the island. This becomes the second in the Canary Islands after the opening of a dog beach in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in May.

The doggie space in La Laguna is in the district of San Bartolomé de Geneto, specifically in the plaza de San Felipe. It has a perimeter fence for the safety of users.

Councillor for the area, Jonathan Domínguez visited the new space and revealed that the council intends to create more of these dog zones within closed areas across the municipality.

In Guimar, part of the beach of El Puertito has been allocated for dogs and their owners. The space is around 200 metres and makes up part of the area known as the fourth beach next to the Club Náutico Puertito de Guimar.

The Mayor, Carmen Luisa Castro Dorta said they were very pleased with the outcome which had followed a request from the promoters of the Facebook platform 7 Islas X 4 Patas. Keen interest has been shown and some tourist groups have even expressed a wish to bring holiday-makers there. It was felt it would be an economic boost for the town and to attract a new type of tourist.

Strict rules will have to be adhered to, including clearing up dog mess and any dog on the dangerous breed list will have to wear a muzzle. If not, fines will be imposed.

The Mayor said there had been no controversy over the move as it had been welco-med by residents and tourists alike, as well as veterinary experts.