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Frequently asked questions 


Q. My 05 Diesel Focus recently had a new turbo fitted as the old one failed in June. Since then last week the injector seals were replaced as there was a slight leak on injector 1 and 2. Now since Wednesday when I accelerate there is a whooshing noise coming from the turbo. I have had a look under the bonnet and there is a lot of oil in the inlet pipe from the filter box. Also there is a slight leak coming from the underside of the turbo. Can you tell me if this is a sign of the turbo failing again?

A. It sounds like it. When a new turbo is fitted all the engine needs to be cleaned out especially the oil feed pipe and sump filter it sounds like this wasn’t done so chances are you have wasted your money. I always recommend having the engine cleaned out of all the old build up and having the new oil replaced after 1000 kilometres or so just to be on the safe side.

Q. My Peugeot 407 has recently been having engine cut out problems, the whole car is immobilised when driving, I have no dials, indicators, wipers, nothing at all and then it just starts up again. I have had 2 recommended auto electricians diagnose my BSI unit needs replacing. It’s going to Peugeot where its 600 euros for the unit and configuration I am fine with that. Since ordering and paying for the part the garage rang up and informed me that they are fitting the BSI unit under the dashboard and not the bonnet. I’m confused can anyone tell me if a 407 has 2 units or is the main BSI under the dashboard?

A. The BSI unit is the central electronic control box/relay and fuse box. It is located behind the dashboard. There is also a fuse relay box in the engine bay.

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