|Sunday, February 24, 2019
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“Avoid evictions, pay rent” says Rivero 


The Canary Government believes people who fall into mortgage arrears should be allowed to pay rent for their homes rather than being evicted.

This system is already being used in Andalusia and gives families a bit of breathing space to see if their financial circumstances or job situation improves.

Canary president, Paulino Rivero is urging banks in the archipelago to do the same and has expressed concern about the increasing number of people losing their homes.

Figures show the Canary Islands is the region with the lowest percentage of house-holds with home ownership. It also has a high percentage of empty homes, at 138,262.

Sr. Rivero says people who fall into mortgage arrears should not be subjected to the threat of eviction. Instead, they should be asked to pay a social rent, topped up if necessary by the Govern-ment. At the moment, however, the system used in Andalusia is being looked at to see if it is legal.