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Tressardi, Make it your favourite Italian 



When an Italian restaurant, or any restaurant from any country for that matter, is recommended by a native from the country, the expectations are high…

This is what happens with Tressardi, a well established Italian restaurant and pizzeria, recommended by Italians that live in Tenerife and managed by Pietro Corraine, a Sardinian working in La Paz (tourist area in Puerto de la Cruz) for more than a decade!!

At Tressardi you can find a wide variety menu, with typical Italian antipasti such as carpaccio, vitello tonnato (tender beef with tuna sauce) or bruschetta Sarda (small pizza with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil). After these refreshing starters there is a choice of pizza, pasta or fresh pasta (ravioli of spinach and ricotta cheese with Gorgonzola or tomato and basil sauce, tortellone in boletus (penny bun) and cream sauce or gnocchi’s filled with fresh cheese and Gorgonzola sauce), fish, normally sea-bass and gilt head bream are fresh. If you prefer meat you can choose between a simple saltimboca (beef with Parma ham in a white wine sauce) or a classic grilled beef fillet. All dishes accompanied with fried chips, but if you are not a chip lover you have the option of ordering the dish with vegetables, rice or even pasta.

The restaurant has soothing romantic music all Italian which makes the waiting for the food, with a nice cold beer (Peroni) or a fresh glass of wine (all Italian wines) and a nice conversation a quite relaxing and enjoyable experience.

For those who have been at Tressardi’s, we’d like to point out the salads that have been incorporated to the menu, Puccini (Tagliata, lettuce, arugula (rocket), cherry tomatoes, stripes of beef splashed with a balsamic sauce), Carreras (Sea-food salad with octopus, cuttlefish, prawns, peppers, celery and lemon), Pavarotti (Fresh spinach, lettuce, roasted bacon, cheese, apples, nuts, avocados and crostini (toasted bread)) are some of the new salads that can be tasted at Tressardi’s. Freshly made salads that can be shared as a starter or even ordered as main course.

Wines are all from Italy, a good house wine and some very good Barolo, that can continue the meal up to the dessert tasting some delightful Pecorino, Gorgonzola, home made chocolate mousse, panna cota or tiramisu. Depending on your choices the price can go higher but an average 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect for a meal.

So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or take away, Tressardi is your restaurant. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well elaborated dishes for kids and grown ups.



Catering: 40 people

 Address: C/ Aceviños

La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz

Tel. 922 38 20 56

 Opening hours Winter:

12:30 to 16:00 – 18:30 to 24:00

Opening hours Summer:

13:00 to 16:30 – 19:30 to 24:00

Closed on Wednesdays