|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Baby arrives in broken-down car! 

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Staff with the 1-1-2 Canary Emergency Services are toasting the safe arrival of a baby who entered the world in unusual style.

The Canary Emergency Medical Service received an urgent call at 10pm from a father who said his wife was about to go into labour. The trouble was he and his wife were in a car which had been heading towards the University Hospital in Santa Cruz when it broke down with a flat battery!

An SUC doctor was able to talk to the man over the phone and give him instructions, first asking him to check the condition of his 36-year-old wife who was expecting their second child. When he was sure she was in labour, he relayed instructions to the father in advance of the ambulance arriving at the scene.

The doctor told him to recline the passenger seat in the car so the mother could lie back and then told him how to help. At one stage, said the emergency centre, the line went completely dead but when contact was re-established, the father announced that the baby had been born and was well and thriving.

The doctor then gave further instructions over tying of the umbilical cord and the baby was placed on the mother as per tradition.

When the ambulance crew arrived, they cut the cord and verified that both mum and baby were doing well before taking them on to hospital.