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Frequently asked questions 

Q. I have a Ford Mondeo, year 2004, 2.0TDCi and I have a problem as the passenger doors and the boot will not open and the indicators and interior light are not working. I’ve changed the battery in the key fob still and it’s still not working. I recently had the auxiliary belt replaced, is there any wiring near that could have been damaged? Everything that is connected to the generic control module is not working and I cannot get the module into service mode. I’ve checked all fuses in the engine fuse box.

A. There is nothing by the auxiliary belt that could have been disconnected. I would try disconnecting the battery first; if it is not better than the key will probably need reprogramming.

Q. My Mercedes S Class 320 CDI 2009 has a blocked DPF filter and following a visit to the dealer after experiencing limp mode and the yellow engine light came on the dealer replaced an actuator motor for the intake shut off at a cost in excess of €600. The dealer reported that a test had revealed that the diesel particulates filter was 200% blocked with soot and was not cleaning itself and need replacement at a cost in excess of €2500. I should add that the limp mode and warning light has been a constant problem since the car was in warranty but not at the same time. The light disappeared after a few runs and the limp mode after every restart; the dealer replaced a crankshaft sensor under warranty to cure the problem which it did temporarily. Do you have any ideas of a cheaper way to solve the problem?

A. 200% blocked, how does that work? 100% is the maximum figure that can be achieved. It sounds like the garage is having a laugh.  If the DPF is blocked a forced regeneration on the diagnostic tester may possibly clear it but probably not. Once blocked beyond a certain level it is not possible to recover one. Jet washing and other urban myths will not work so don’t waste your money. To remove the soot they need to be heated to 600 degrees and no jet wash I know can do that. There are companies that can clean out the DPF filter and they are now widely available so there is no need to go the main dealer.